Structural Design

Our projects are hugely diverse from multi storey buildings to bespoke house builds, basements, industrial buildings and warehousing, building alterations, remodeling and remedial work and also demountable structures and design of temporary works.

We design in all commonly used structural materials, including concrete, steel, plain and reinforced masonry and timber. In addition, we carry out designs in aluminum and structural glass.

Our structural design team also undertakes specialist design services such as connection design, staircase design and balustrading.

Civil Design

PRP design a variety of civil engineering works including roads and drains; this often involves obtaining technical approval for section agreements coupled with Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS). We have considerable expertise in designing heavy plant foundations, storage bins, retaining walls and heavy duty pavements together with railway works.

Structural Surveys

PRP have comprehensive experience in surveying all types of buildings and structures. These include small terraced houses to large listed buildings as well as multi storey and low rise commercial properties, retail, industrial, office and agricultural buildings.

We also carry out surveys on other structures such as roads, drains, sewers, embankments, silos, conveyors and underground structures.

Our surveys are carried out by chartered structural engineers who will produce a comprehensive report to meet your needs in a format that is acceptable to all financial institutions.

Structural Inspections

PRP undertake structural inspections and provide structural engineer’s reports for structural defects or problems identified within a building or other structure.

Most commonly, an engineer’s report will be required by a mortgage lender following the identification of potential structural problems within a valuation or homebuyer report on a residential property, such as cracking in a wall or distortion in the roof structure.

PRP also undertake inspections for householders and vendors who may be concerned about the presence of any possible structural defects they wish to deal with prior to marketing their property.

PRP will undertake a visual inspection of the defect, taking into account as much of the associated structure as possible and make an assessment of the cause. A written report on the inspection will be provided incorporating recommendations for remedial works or further investigations, if appropriate.

Expert Witness

PRP have experienced engineers who can act as experts in relation to construction and property disputes. We aim to provide practical, realistic and professional advise based on a wealth of experience gained by members of our team from working in the fields of civil and structural engineering.

Flood Risk Assessments

Flood risk assessments (via PPS25) are a planning requirement on many sites. Factors to be considered vary from site to site but always require appraisal of the site surface water drainage and the effects of climate change.

Work that might be required on a project might include assessment of flooding effects from the sea, or watercourses such as rivers, streams, and ditches. This would include, when necessary, hydraulic modelling of water courses or breach analysis when flood defences are involved. An outline analysis of the storm water drainage design is a fundamental requirement in most cases.

Our site specific reports cover all relevant issues, including the results of liaison with the Environment Agency. These reports encapsulate the appropriate analysis and assessments and, where necessary, will include specifying design considerations to mitigate flooding effects. The preparation of evacuation plans is also part of this service where appropriate.

Our flood risk assessments are carried out by chartered engineers who will produce a comprehensive report to meet your needs in a format that is acceptable to the local planning authority and the environment agency.

Drainage Strategies & SuDS

PRP have a wealth of experience in the design of stormwater and foul water drainage systems. This can range from a single small diameter private sewer to a large culvert requiring local authority, water services company or Environment Agency approval.

PRP are able to design and obtain technical approval for all drainage systems that need to be adopted and therefore comply with the requirements of section 104 and 106 of the Water Industry Act 1991.

To provide the most efficient solution PRP use the latest software packages including Micro Drainage WinDes to assist in producing the correct solution and all drainage works are undertaken or supervised by a chartered engineer to ensure that the design is appropriate and cost effective and completed within the necessary timeframe.

PRP use a direct approach when dealing with statutory undertakers and consequently have built up excellent relationships with many of them. This has been proven time and time again to be of significant benefit to the client since substantial time and hence costs can be saved.


Fairfax Street Coventry

PRP were responsible for the successful design and delivery of the piled foundations and coordination of the steel frame superstructure for this high rise student accommodation development. PRP also designed the below ground drainage and Highways works on the constrained and busy inner city site.

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Bruntingthorpe Case Study Image

Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground Leicestershire

PRP undertook all aspects of civil and structural engineering for the development of a bespoke research and development facility for Royal Enfield including a specialist workshop, testing and office accommodation.

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Wheatsheaf Works

The design of all civils and structures for 48 new build houses and refurbishment of an old listed property to form 90 plus new dwellings.

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Bath Lane, Leicester Project Image

Bath Lane Leicester

PRP UK Ltd are responsible for the foundation design, external works, flood risk assessments and all aspects of drainage design/strategies for a 384 apartment build-to-rent project located at the former Merlin Works site on Bath Lane in Leicester.

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