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Nayland Place Suffolk

Project Name
Nayland Place Suffolk
Arbora Homes Ltd
Marfleet & Blyth

Nayland Place is an expertly planned secluded collection of newly built detached houses and luxury bungalows situated in Harpers Hill, Suffolk. PRP worked closely with Arbora Homes and the contractor Marfleet & Blyth to ensure that the project was a success.

PRP provided the following services:

Foul and surface water drainage system – this was complicated by the lack of foul sewers in the area and required a new foul sewer to be laid to the site. This sewer was designed to meet adoptable standards and was approved by the water authority under a Section 104 agreement. The surface water sewers were designed using a series of soakaways and most of the access roads were constructed as porous paved surfaces to comply with planning conditions and the Lead Local Flood Authority’s requirements. This in itself was challenging due to the steep gradient across the site.

External levels and tie in details – PRP designed the levels in conjunction with the drainage scheme for the site to minimise the height of the retaining walls and yet still provide an aesthetically pleasing solution.

Foundation design – the ground investigation report indicated that the underlying geology was of a shrinkable nature, so PRP designed foundations for the two properties closest to mature hedges using piled foundations with the remaining properties supported on deep trench filled foundations.  As part of the foundation design PRP designed the reinforced concrete ground beams and reinforcement schedules for the two piled properties to enable the works to be completed.

Superstructure design – PRP designed miscellaneous structural elements and undertook a structural check on the contractor designed elements including trussed rafter roofs and engineered floor joists.